The Neopians


As Neonbat uses my Neopets as its major characters (including the titular character), I've decided to include a handy list of the cast members.\


Species: Royalboy Korbat (born Green)
Birthday: September 26
The leader of the group via seniority, Neonbat is an intelligent, if not particularly wise, character. A comic maker, a cook, and a tabletop gamer, Neonbat may be rough when you first meet him, but within a day's time you'll gain a friend for life. He's fond of Meepits and Halloween, and he supports the Haunted Woods during the Altador Cup.


Species: Red Xweetok (born Blue)
Birthday: October 31
A stocker in the Neopian shops, Elvira Ravenshade has no real aspirations to improve her life, and that's okay with her. Living with her boyfriend Neonbat, she is often the voice of reason to the impulsive Korbat. She's not as obsessed with Halloween as her partner, but she does love it - it's her birthday, after all - and she has a fondness for canines. She supports Moltara at Yooyuball.


Species: Ghost Kyrii (born Blue)
Birthday: April 30
Don't let her ghastly form fool you, Despy is as alive as any other Neopian. Making her way through law school, she's often mocked by her peers for her choice of color. But being painted ghost is pretty cool. She dabbles in activism and music, and her favorite sports team is Virtuepets.


Species: Orange Korbat (born Red Kougra)
Birthday: Febuary 12
A fighter by trade, even if he isn't good at it. When off the battlefield, Clem tends to be outgoing and friendly, and enjoys to participate in sports and other physical activities. His favorite animal is his spoilt Gruslen, and he has a ride-or-die attitued towards Tyrannia, on the battlefield and during Cup season. His other love is meat.


Species: Striped Korbat (born Blue)
Birthday: December 2
Kendra McKorris was raised in Brightvale to be a sorceress. While roaming the lands, she wound up at Terror Road, and decided it'd make a fine place to live. Her hobbies are birdwatching and reading, though she has no qualms participating in the crazier antics of her peers.


Species: Christmas Kacheek (born Red)
Birthday: October 3
One of Neonbat's oldest friends, Tom is small and docile. Since he only recently reentered Neonbat's life, no one is exactly sure what he does or what he's been up to, but at the end of the day he'll be by their sides. For some reason, he hates fish. His likes peaceful times and making friends, and he supports Terror Mountain during Cup Season.